1. What is an Entitlement?

    Answer »

    An Entitlement refers to the “right to use” your room nights per anniversary year depending on the package you purchased at the Inventory. Your Inventory Entitlement may be exchanged for use at the Home Exchange Resort or Internal Affiliated Resort.

  2. When can I get my anniversary Entitlement?

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    Entitlements are allocated based on the anniversary year of your membership.

  3. When will I be eligible to use my Annual Entitlement?

    Answer »

    If your payment account is up-to-date, that is with no outstanding on installments of purchase price with the minimum percentage required paid depending on respective resort category, Annual Maintenance Fee and other related payments, you will be able to place your reservation using your Entitlement. If you are advancing your future Entitlements, the respective advanced Period of Entitlement’s Annual Maintenance Fee must be paid and the percentage of purchase price must correspond with the advanced Period of Entitlement.

  4. Could my Entitlement be carried forward until I have the time to utilize them for reservation?

    Answer »

     Your entitlement is originally valid for only one anniversary year. By invoking the Accrual Entitlement feature, you may accumulate your entitlement from the preceding year to the current Period of Entitlement. However, if there is any unutilized Entitlement at the end of the current Period of Entitlement, it will expire and be forfeited accordingly, with no provision for further extension.

  5. What is the reason for the expiry date for my Entitlement?

    Answer »

     This policy is in place to protect the interest of all members and avoid future overflow of reservations in any one Inventory.


  1. Why do I still have to pay the current Anniversary Year Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF) when I am using the entitlement from my preceding Period of Entitlement (POE)?

    Answer »

    AMF is due and payable every year or alternate yearly depending on your membership package,  irrespective of whether the entitlement for the previous POE has been fully utilized or not. AMF is for the maintenance of inventory properties such as property service charges, utility bills, housekeeping and other services, and miscellaneous operational expenses which are incurred regardless of usage. Hence, you have to pay your AMF promptly whether or not there is still a balance of entitlement from the previous entitlement.

  2. When is the due date for my payment of my Annual Maintenance Fee?

    Answer »

    Your Annual Maintenance Fee will be due for payment on the first day of the Period of Entitlement (POE) every year or every alternate year, depending on the type of membership you own.


  1. What are Weekends, Weekdays and Public Holidays?

    Answer »

    Weekends refer to Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays; according to the National Holidays as gazetted by the Federal Government. Weekdays are between Sundays to Thursdays, excluding eves of public holidays.

  2. What types of accommodation can I get?

    Answer »

    The type of room you get, be it an apartment or hotel room, depends on the type of membership purchased and units offered by the respective resorts. Occupancy in the room ranges from 2 persons up to 6 persons per unit, subject to the In-House rules of the Home Inventory.

  3. When can I use my Entitlement for booking?

    Answer »

    The entitlement in your POE 1 can be used at Inventory and Home Exchange Resort if you have paid up to thirty percent (30%) of the purchase price with no outstanding in your current payment account.

  4. How early do I need to place my reservation to secure a booking?

    Answer »

    You should plan in advance and place your reservation as early as possible, especially if your travel dates is during the peak season. You are allowed to submit your reservation as early as six (6) months ahead of your planned check-in date. All reservations are based on first-come-first-served basis and subject to availability of accommodation.

  5. How can I increase my chance for a successful booking?

    Answer »

    You are advised to give alternative choices by either one (1) travel date with three (3) choices of resorts or one (1) resort with three (3) travel dates, and to submit them early.

  6. How long can I stay and how often can I have a vacation?

    Answer »

    Your membership allows you the flexibility to a vacation more than once a year. You can stay as long and as often as you like, based on your available Entitlement. If you do not have enough Entitlement in your current Period of Entitlement you can advance your future Period of Entitlements up to a maximum of three (3) Periods of Entitlements. You can also accumulate your preceding Period of Entitlement to save for a trip during the following Period of Entitlement.

  7. Am I allowed to check-in guest with my name on the confirmation slip?

    Answer »

    No. The guest checking in must be the same as the name registered in the Reservation Confirmation slip and submitted by staff when the reservation is made. You are not allowed to check-in your guests on their behalf or allow them to check-in with your confirmation slip. This is for security reasons and as per the House Rules. If there is a breach of this rule, a penalty will be imposed on you as the Member, and the Company will not be responsible for any untoward incidences that may happen as a result. You are allowed to reserve for your guest through your membership entitlement. You will be charged for the Guest Certificate.

  8. How do I place a reservation for my guest?

    Answer »

    You may assign your Entitlement to your guest(s) for using the Inventory by notifying our Member Service in writing when making a reservation. The Guest Certificate Fee is RM10.00 per reservation.

  9. What is the check-in and check-out time?

    Answer »

    Each resort observes a different check-in and out time. Generally, standard check-in is at 3 pm while standard check-out is 12:00 noon.

  10. Can I cancel / amend my booking after the permitted cancellation period?

    Answer »

    No, all changes must be made within the cancellation/amendment period. All cancellation of reservation must be made in writing to the Club no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the check-in date or cancellation deadline, whichever is earlier, as stipulated in the Reservation Confirmation Slip. Non-compliance of the above requirement will result in a forfeiture of Entitlement and reservation related fees paid.


  1. How do I pay for my membership installments, Annual Membership Fee or any other payments?

    Answer »

    • Online – Logon to EVC website and select the bank merchants from the pull down menu list provided there and transact through your bank account.
    • FPX Payment – Login to Member Portal and make a payment through Invoice module.
    • Online Bank transfer – remember to fax/email/Whatsapp/post the transaction slip to us promptly.
    • Walk in to our nearest Member Service Centres – Pay by cash/cheque/credit card
    • Email/Fax/Post Standing Instruction by Credit Card
    • Bank-in cash/cheque to any of our Bank Account listed below and email/fax/post the bank-in slip to us promptly to our Member Service Centres nearest to you.
      • MAYBANK
        Acc Name : Sara Worldwide Vacations Berhad
        Acc No. : 5-11038-09102-5
      • CIMB BANK
        Acc Name : Sara Worldwide Vacations Berhad
        Acc No. : 8005110128
      • AmBANK (Down Payment & Installment Payment Only)
        Acc Name : MTrustee Berhad – EVC Trust A/C
        Acc No. : 217-201-200832-3

    IMPORTANT: You are required to indicate your name and membership number on the bank-in /transaction slips. After you have emailed/faxed/Whatsapp/posted the slip to us, please contact us to verify that we have received your bank-in slip/transaction slip. Your cooperation and assistance is important to ensure that your account will be credited promptly for your payment made. This is important for payment identification and to avoid discrepancies.



  1. How do I become a member of RCI?

    Answer »

    The Club will enroll you into RCI when you have fully settled your purchase price. The RCI membership duration is 12 months from the enrolment date. As a member of RCI, you will be bound by RCI terms and conditions for membership and exchanges. You are required to adhere to the RCI rules and policies when making your exchange. Renewal is fully optional. Please note that in order to enjoy membership and exchange benefits under RCI, your RCI membership needs to be retained. RCI renewal fees are payable by members directly to RCI upon renewal and this fee is subject to change.

  2. What do I do if I want to place an exchange with RCI?

    Answer »

    Just contact our Member Service Centre and indicate your intention to deposit your entitlement to RCI by filling up the required Form. After your Entitlement has been deposited to RCI, you may contact RCI directly at telephone number: 1800 18 1121 (Malaysia) for your enquiries and exchange. Alternatively, you can go to www.rci.com under “RCI member login” for your exchanges.

  3. What if my confirmed exchange requires me to check-in on a Saturday but my flight arrives on Friday, could I arrange with RCI or EVC to amend my check-in date to Friday?

    Answer »

    Neither RCI nor EVC are able to amend your confirmed check-in/out date. You will need to make arrangements for direct rental with the resort for the additional night(s) stay.

  4. What happens if I do not/forget to renew my RCI membership?

    Answer »

    Please contact RCI at www.rci.com or call us at telephone number: 1800 18 1121 (Malaysia) to send in your request for membership renewal.

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