Check-in & Check-Out Procedures

Check-in and out Procedures at Inventory, Home Exchange Resorts, Internal Affiliated Resorts

You are required to produce the membership card and reservation confirmation slip upon check-in at the respective resort. If a confirmed reservation is assigned to your guest, he/she is required to present the reservation confirmation slip and proof of identification upon check-in.

You and/or your guest(s) are to adhere to the standard Check-In/Check-Out times as well as Resort Rules & Regulations which differ from resort to resort. A check-in security deposit may be required upon check-in to offset any damages and expenses that you and/or your guest(s) may incur. It is refundable in full during Check-Out if no incidental expenses were incurred by you and/or your guest(s).

If you or your guest check-in late after 6 pm, please inform the resort early of your late Check-In and estimated time of arrival to avoid unnecessary inconvenience or release of room by the respective resort.

If check-out is after the standard Check-Out time of the resort, a late check-out fee will be payable.

Check-in and out Procedures at RCI Affiliated Resorts

Check-In and Check-Out day(s) and time(s) differ from resort to resort participating in the RCI Exchange Programme. Please refer to the RCI Membership Guide for clarification. You or your guest is required to notify the RCI affiliated resort if your arrival is delayed in order to arrange for late Check-In.

When checking-in, you will need to present your RCI membership card and Confirmation Slip. Guests are required to present the RCI Guest Certificate and identification documentation upon Check-In.

Maximum Occupancy

You and/or your guest(s) are strictly not allowed to exceed the maximum occupancy size of a confirmed reservation. If this happens, you or your guest may not be allowed to Check-In. The resort may charge additional fees per pax or room.

Utilization of Accommodations and Resort Facilities

You and/or your guest(s) are required to observe all rules and regulations for the use of all accommodations, amenities and facilities. These rules may differ from resort to resort – what is permissible at one resort may not be so at another.

Extension of Stay at Resort

Any request for extension of stay is subject to availability of the resort accommodation unit and upon confirmation by the Member Service Centre or resort. The extended stay will be at the member’s or guest’s own expenses. Rates for extended stay differ from resort to resort and seasonality.

Additional Expenses Incurred at Resorts

Policies governing additional expenses on utilities such as electrical amenities and housekeeping may differ from resort to resort. Some resorts require you or your guest(s) to bear the expenses before checking-out.

Housekeeping Services

Frequency of housekeeping service may differ from resort to resort. At some resorts, housekeeping services may only be available upon request and for a fee.

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