RCI Exchange Programme

Dream of a vacation abroad? Exchange your entitlements through RCI (one of the global leaders in vacation exchange) for other resort destinations. As an EVC member, you can exchange vacations through RCI by being an RCI subscribing member. This gives you access to more than 4,000 resorts in more than 100 countries!

RCI Global Resorts Map Download full map in PDF format

The benefits of RCI Membership:

  1. Exchange Holidays
    You can now exchange into one of the many RCI affiliated resorts worldwide. Imagine this – you are now able to holiday anywhere in the world!

  2. Split Week Holidays
    You can also split your Holiday Week and take two short holidays (midweek and weekend) instead of just one! If your schedule is better suited to shorter holidays, you can always choose to exchange your Week for two short holidays at any of the participating RCI-affiliated resorts in Asia.

  3. Premium Exchange*(New!)
    Selected resorts under RCI Resort Rental have been included in RCI’s new Premium Exchange.
    With Premium Exchange, your holiday Week gives you the power to exchange into other hotel and properties not affiliated to RCI. In other words, you are no longer limited in your exchange for another timeshare property! All you have to do now is simply exchange your week with the usual destination fee and top it up with the nominal upgrade fee for the desired destination.

Visit www.rci.com for further details.

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