Online Form Terms and Condition

  1. This online form is applicable for reservation request to Inventory, Home Exchange Resort and Internal Affiliated Resort.
  2. All reservation request(s) must be made in writing (via Vacation Reservation Form, Online Reservation Form or SMS to 012-8280098) no less than fourteen (14) days before the Check-In Date. Verbal requests are not valid and shall not be entertained.
  3. The whole duration of reservation period must be within the validity of Period of Entitlement.
  4. Any of the requested choices shall be confirmed automatically upon availability of units. However, SWVB does not guarantee that a reservation request shall be automatically confirmed but all reservations are subjected to room availability.
  5. Any amount(s) due and payable by the member shall be made by the member prior to the booking request(s). The Management shall have absolute discretion to reject the member’s booking request(s) if there is any outstanding amounts remain unpaid by the member.
  6. In the event of insufficient current available entitlement in member’s account, Advance of Entitlement shall be invoked whereby the Annual Maintenance Fee(s) of the advanced future Period of Entitlement(s) shall be payable prior to processing of booking request(s).
  7. Home Exchange Fee and Internal Affiliation Fee shall be chargeable to the members for each confirmed reservation to a home exchange resort and internal affiliated resort respectively.
  8. Guest Certificate Fee shall be chargeable to member upon assigning guest for each confirmed reservation.
  9. Cancellation request for reservation must be notified in writing to SWVB no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the checkin/usage date or cancellation deadline as stipulated in the Reservation Confirmation Slip whichever date is earlier. In event of timely cancellation, the entitlement shall be returned to the membership with the exception of reservation related fees paid which shall be forfeited. Late cancellation/amendment/no show shall result in forfeiture of entitlement and reservation related fees paid.
  10. Request for cancellation of reservation is only effective upon SWVB’s processing and effecting of such requests.
  11. Confirmation of reservation is only upon SWVB’s issuance of Reservation Confirmation Slip to member.
  12. Reservation Confirmation Slip must be presented upon check-in to the resort, failing which the resort has the right to reject the use of the accommodation.
  13. Please contact the resort directly for late check-in (check-in after 1800 hours), failing which the resort shall have absolute discretion to release the room without further notice to the member/guest.
  14. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt. Kindly contact the nearest Member Service Centre(s) if you do not receive any response from us within three (3) working days from your date of request.
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