Places of Interest

Places of Interest in Kuching

Kuching Waterfront
Kuching Waterfront Just outside the hotel is truly every Kuching-ite’s pride to show off to every visitor. An evening or night stroll along the Waterfront will be a treat after an exciting day of seeing the city, topped with a tall, cool glass of something good at any of the many cafes on the sidewalk.

The Waterfront was a mammoth project undertaken in the 1990s that has proven to be worth every effort. A scenic way to steal some relaxing moments after shopping, this is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. The Kuching Waterfront is also where you can get the infamous tambang or sampan ride to cross the river or, if you’re feeling adventurous, just to cruise up and downstream.

River Cruise
Kuching Waterfront Available from the Waterfront is the Sarawak River Cruise. As an EVC member, you’ll automatically get a 10% discount on the Cruise – yet another reason why this is not to be missed.

The Sarawak River Cruise will bring you along the river to give you a breezy, picturesque view of the Malay village, historic Istana, Dewan Undangan Negeri , Waterfront and skyline – all from the comforts of a open-topped yacht. Enjoy the wind in your hair as you take in the sights in a laid-back skim on the water.


Tua Pek Kong Temple 
Definitely one of the oldest, if not the oldest, buildings in the city, the Tua Pek Kong Temple is a major attraction for both worshippers and the curious visitors. Set on a prominent spot close to the Waterfront, the temple is the centre of every main religious event for Buddhists.

The structure of the temple itself is of major interest – since it was built in 1846, it has somehow survived the presence of the British and harsh occupancy of the Japanese.

Main Bazaar 
Just a nice 15-minute walk from the hotel is the oldest row of shophouses in the city, now home to the widest and most-visited collection of one-of-a-kind souvenirs for the state. No stay in Kuching is complete without a leisurely shopping trip on foot through the four blocks of shops that flank the Waterfront from the street.

While shopping, make sure you pick up Sarawak’s famous kuih lapis or ‘layered cake’ along the way – a Sarawak baking specialty that local Malays are famous for.

Shopping + Seafood
It’s easy to go shopping when you stay at the Grand Margherita Hotel. With three shopping malls either adjacent or opposite the hotel (Sarawak Plaza Shopping Complex, Tun Jugah Shopping Centre and Riverside Shopping Complex), shopping becomes an easy and enjoyable task.

After a day out shopping, drop your precious purchases off before walking out again – this time, to mouth-watering seafood offerings at TopSpot Food Centre and Benson Seafood. A leisurely 15-minute evening stroll will take you to seafood heaven while a cool walk back does wonders for your digestion.



















TopSpot Foodcourt

An open-air foodcourt that serves an array of fresh HALAL seafood and authentic local delicacies such as sotong tutok, umai ikan, umai obor-obor, satay etc. Besides the ethnic food, you can also enjoy the beverages such as fresh coconut, sugar cane, juices, air mata Kuching. TopSpot Foodcourt is your preferred dining destination.
Operating Hours : 11:00am – 2:00pm ; 6:00pm – 10:00pm (Mon-Sun)
May closed during festive holidays

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Places of Interest in Santubong

Gunung Santubong or Mount Santubong
Santubong Mountain Forming the perfect backdrop is Mount Santubong. Lying mysterious in the distance, it entices even the most reluctant photographer to a picture with its seductive lines and foliage.

As legend would have it, two sisters, both princesses of the mythical kingdom of Kayangan, lived together and were well-loved by their people. Princesses Santubong and Sejinjang were both beautiful and gracious to their rakyat (citizens).

In time, both sisters attracted suitors but Princess Santubong was the more beautiful one and had more offers for marriage. She soon got married and became pregnant. This made her sister, Princess Sejinjang very jealous and she starts claims that she was the more beautiful of the two. Sadly, this was the start of many arguments between the sisters. During one of these disputes, things got a little more physical and Sejinjang hit her sister’s head with her pounding pestle. Princess Santubong fell to the earth and turned into the mountain that now carries her name. Just before falling, however, Princess Santubong threw her weaving loom’s beam at her sister, breaking a part of her body, which scattered into the nearby sea. They created the surrounding islands while the rest of Princess Sejinjang’s body became the neighbouring mountain.

Locals often point to these two neighbouring mountains, Mount Santubong and Mount Sejinjang, and use the legend as a lesson to be learnt – that blood should be thicker than water, and that a trivial dispute should never result in family tragedy.

Kampung Santubong or Santubong Village
Only a 10-minute drive from Damai Beach Resort, Kampung Santubong is an interesting place to visit, particularly for the quaint and widely-varied local delicacies.

The Santubong area has always been famous for its trade even during Colonial rule. Till today, English, Hindu and Chinese influences remain clear evidence of what had been a popular spot for dealings of every kind. Locals believe that Kampung Santubong, once known as Kampung Teluk Pasir Putih (meaning White Sands Bay Village), was given its name by Chinese settlers trading in the area.

Kampung Buntal or Buntal Village
Kampung Buntal is a nearby fishing village just about 20 minutes’ away from the Resort by car. Walking through the real-life village, you get a first-hand experience of Malay kampong life, with children riding their tricycles on semi-tarred streets, fishermen bringing their fresh catch off their boats and a smorgasbord of seafood smells.

If seafood in every shape and form is your cup of tea, then this is a must-stop for dinner!

Sarawak Cultural Village
Sarawak Cultural Village Well within a 10-minute walk away from the Resort, you will be able to see and experience Sarawak’s colourful ethnic diversity and have a real taste of authentic longhouse hospitality.

Sarawak’s award-winning “living museum” boasts of having had millions of visitors from all over the world. This unique cultural experience is nestled amongst the thick greenery and foliage, making it perfect as the official home of the annual world-renowned music event – the Rainforest World Music Festival. Walking through this Village will give you a real-life experience of living the lives of each ethnic group in the state. To add spice to your visit, a musical extravaganza provides the perfect end to your visit here.

Sarawak Cultural Village For the adventurous, take a rare advantage to follow – literally – in the footsteps of the best trekkers of all the indigenous people of Sarawak, the Penans. Amidst the jungles at the foothills of Mount Santubong, you can hike the Penan Nature Trail while seeing nature in her element. You will learn how to make an authentic Penan animal trap and test your hunting skills at blowpipe shooting.

Have your fill of rare pitcher plants and other flora and fauna unique to the rainforest as well as wild lizards, otters, macaques, squirrels and if you’re lucky, the hornbill or wild boar. After an hour, complete your journey by having a cup of floral tea at Tea Garden and lunch at the “Persada Alam” waterfall.

Damai Golf and Country Club
Damai Golf and Country Club For a little R & R on the green, make sure your swing is in good shape at the fairway just a 5-minute drive away. With all the elegance of an 18-hole golf course, this Arnold Palmer-designed golf course will put you through two challenging scenarios – the Mountain Nine and the Ocean Nine.

A quick game is made even easier with shuttle transfer services from Damai Beach Resort to the golf course.

For golfers who want a challenge, this 2-in-1 golfing experience is an absolute must!

Satang Island 
This is Sarawak’s very own turtle conservatory. Dedicated as a sanctuary for turtles, Satang Island is an interesting place to visit if you want to see first-hand the turtle conservation efforts and hatchery area. Geographically, it is in the South China Sea on the south-western coast of the state and surrounded by pristine waters that help to shelter these protected creatures from prying eyes.

This is where park rangers collect and count turtle eggs, and replace them in a beach hatchery. Upon hatching (any time within 40 and 60 days), the number of hatchlings are recorded and released into the sea.

Satang Island actually comprises two islands – Pulau Satang Besar (Big Satang Island) and Pulau Satang Kecil (Small Satang Island). For the sake of preservation, only Pulau Satang Besar is open to visitors during the nesting season between April and September.

For the more gregarious, snorkeling and swimming at specified areas is permitted. A trip to the Island can be easily arranged with a boat cruise from Damai Beach Resort.

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Places of Interest in Penang

Food Gallery
Within walking distance is the newly-opened Food Gallery at Penang Times Square, which boasts a smorgasbord of 200 different choices of things to eat. On top of being one of Penang’s largest food courts serving up food from 15 countries, it is also a prime spot for getting Penang’s infamous hawker delights.

This spacious 40-thousand-square-foot food court offers you a sumptuous meal of German sausages, Indonesian Nasi Padang, Japanese sushi and teppanyaki, Hong Kong dim sum, Mexican burritos, Korean bibimbap and kimchi, Italian pasta, Western-style grills, grilled seafood and more. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find new dishes being introduced regularly.

Penang Hill 
penang-hill This infamous tourist spot is a Must See for every visitor to the island. Just 6 kilometres from Georgetown city centre, it is easily accessible by car or taxi.

The hill is about 830 metres above sea level and about three degrees cooler, making it a cool respite from the tropical island weather. At the peak, you’ll be able to have a birds’ eye view of the whole of Penang Island on a clear day. On hazy days, it makes for an idyllic backdrop for beautiful, mystical photos and you will find more than one photographer for hire, fully equipped and more than willing to create that perfect picture for you.

Depending on the time that is available, you can either go up the hills by foot or by using a famous red Swiss made funicular train.

Batu Ferringhi 
Feringgi Beach A leisurely drive by the coastline will bring you to Penang’s famed Batu Ferringhi area – a scenic drive-by that’s outlined by tall trees, sandy beaches, picturesque spots and beautiful structures.

Batu Ferringhi has definitely come a long way from its humble origins of a fishing village. Now, it boasts of several large world-class resorts as well as budget lodges to cater for all – all with the enticing backdrop of the open sea. If you’re looking for a quick swim on a day trip around the island, dropping by Batu Ferringhi should be high on your list.

Kek Lok Si Temple 
kek-lo-si Undoubtedly the largest and most famous temple in Penang, the Kek Lok Si Temple is situated in Ayer Itam and is one of the best known temples on the island. It is also the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia.

The temple is an inspiration of the chief monk of the Goddess of Mercy Temple of Pitt Street. Even if you’re not a worshipper, paying a visit to the 30.2 metre-high goddess Kuan Yin here is worth the visit. Kek Lok Si Temple is easily recognizable by the seven-storey pagoda arising from its structures, home to shrines filled with statues and 10 thousand images of Buddha.



Botanic Gardens

Botanical Garden Penang

The Botanic Gardens are only 8 kilometres from the city centre and very accessible by bus from Komtar, which is nearby to Birch Plaza Apartments.

Originally set up in 1884, the Gardens are a step back to nature in all its glory – with specifically-crafted ‘houses’ for orchids, ferns, cacti and other forms of flora, you will be transported into a truly green environment. Another amusing experience here is that you’ll have the uninvited company of monkeys!


The Floating Mosque
Penang Floating Mosque If you’re looking for a photographic moment, drive over to Tanjung Bungah, home to the Floating Mosque.

Built after the tragic 2004 tsunami, it replaces the original mosque that was destroyed in one of the worst natural disasters to ever hit Penang. The Mosque is a true architectural joy to look at – pristine whitewash paint on its exteriors is coupled with grey on its beams while its domed roof features prominently in maroon and yellow-designed tiles. With sea-facing walkways, visiting the Mosque is both educational and scenic


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