Membership Features and Benefits


An Entitlement is a floating period of three (3), four (4) or seven (7) nights, allocated every year or alternate year, for the duration of the membership, as defined in the Membership Agreement.

Accrual of Entitlement

All or part of your entitlement in the preceding Period of Entitlement can be carried forward to be used in the current Period of Entitlement.

Advance of Entitlement

You are also allowed to advance your entitlements up to three (3) future sets of Periods of Entitlements to be used in the current Period of Entitlement. Once you have used up your Advance Entitlements, you will have no Entitlement left for the next Period of Entitlements.

Split Week

Our Split Week Facility allows you to utilize your Entitlement at different periods (separate intervals). So instead of using it up in blocks of seven (7) nights, four (4) nights or three (3) nights during the Period of Entitlement, you can now use it at different times during the Year depending on the type of membership that you may own.

Guest Assignment

Our membership also gives you the benefit of treating the ones you love to a holiday. Whether it is an anniversary or graduation gift, or simply because you are feeling generous, you won’t be the only one who can enjoy these marvelous vacation spots!

All you have to do to assign your reservation to your guest by paying the Guest Certificate Fee.

Upgrading Your Membership

You can always upgrade your membership to acquire more Entitlement nights for your vacations.

All you have to do is ensure your current payment record is up to date and pay the difference between your original membership price and the upgraded one in a current Club Prospectus.

Transferring Your Membership

You may transfer your membership to whomever you wish to transfer to, upon full settlement of your membership purchase price.

The Club is not obligated to find a transferee on behalf of a transferor but will only assist in the processing of a Transfer.

** Please refer to the Club Rules or contact our Member Relation personnel for assistance.

Discount Privileges and Savings

Just show your membership card at the participating merchant to enjoy the benefits. Some of the participating outlets are as follows:-

Food & Beverage

  • Orchid Garden Coffee House, Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching
  • Café Satang, Damai Beach Resort, Damai
  • Café Majestic, Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching

Entrance Fee

  • Sarawak Cultural Village, Damai


  • Damai Golf & Country Club, Damai(Note: Advance Booking is required through SWVB’s member service centre(s))


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