Stay Details  Damai Beach Resort
         ”This is the first time we make use of the entitlement of EVC to plan for our holiday.  The staffs from Sara Worldwide did a very good job to help us to arrange this trip.  Even though I have to change our date for a few times, due to our working schedule, the staffs (Mr. Andre and Ms. Najwa) are very friendly and patient in handling our requests.”


We have chosen Damai Beach Resort for our trip because we are having our 1 year old baby, thus, we do not plan to go outstation for our vacation.  Damai Beach Resort is just around the city we live.  On the first day of our trip, the weather does not allow us to go for outdoor activities.  Luckily, there’s a Jacuzzi in the room we booked and we have fun in the Jacuzzi even though it’s raining cats and dogs outside.



The restaurant in Damai Beach Resort is very cozy.  It is very suitable for family to have their meal there.  My baby is enjoying the food here.  We don’t need to drive a long way from the resort to have our meal.

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